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The Young City

The Unwritten Books Series

Follow the adventures of Rosemary Watson and Peter McAllister; two friends who find themselves drawn into strange worlds of fiction, myth and time. These urban fantasy novels are perfect for readers ages nine and up. Learn more at the official Unwritten Books series’ website.








Ecosystems Inside Out…

From Crabtree Publishing: “Ecosystems Inside Out explores the big picture of each amazing biome on Earth, then peels back its corners to reveal the fascinating details of the organisms that live there. The “macro picture” looks at the ecosystem as a whole—an intricate, complex web of living and nonliving organisms, all of which have interdependent relationships that “knit” the system together. Each spread also zeroes in on the ‘micro picture,’ focusing on one particular organism within that ecosystem, explaining how it lives and functions there, and what crucial role it plays within the system. Eco Focus boxes ask readers key questions about what they have learned, how ecosystems are affected, and what they can do to help protect these important systems. Helpful features include locator maps, an activity that helps shed further light on each ecosystem, and a list of further resources including career paths in this field.”




Straight Talk About…

From Crabtree Publishing: “Straight Talk About [is] a series designed in cooperation with child psychologists, teachers, and youth counselors. Each title tackles a sensitive everyday social issue, such as child abuse, suicide, and sexual assault. Aiming to inform, educate, and provide strategies for coping, each book provides readers with a sensitive and honest exploration of the topic without judgment, from a standpoint of guidance and assistance. Each book is supported by real life stories from young people going through these issues, stay-safe advice, coping strategies, and informative question and answer sections.”




Mystery Files

From Crabtree Publishing: “Mystery Files provides exciting and readable stories about mysterious events and phenomena. Each story is told within a spread so readers can dip into the book or read from cover to cover. The topics range from ancient times to the present day and include both well-known and less familiar mysteries. Each spread has a Mystery File box, which may offer a rational explanation for the mystery, explain some of the background history to set the mystery in context, or look at how the mystery has been explored in books and movies. The text is carefully tailored for reluctant readers. In addition to the glossary and index, each spread contains definitions of more difficult words.”




Your Guide to Government

From Crabtree Publishing: “Your Guide to Government takes a vast and complex topic and presents it in an easy-to-follow series for young readers. The four titles in this series are packed with plenty of full-color images and clear text to help deliver meanings and messages behind government. All aspects of American government, from its origins in the Constitution to citizens’ civil rights are carefully explained in a manner children will absolutely understand and enjoy.”





Engineering in Action

From Crabtree Publishing: “Electrical engineering employs the largest number of engineers. This field of engineering covers everything related to electrical devices, systems, and the uses of electricity. This innovative book gives readers insight into this exciting profession and includes information on pioneers in the world of electricity, new technologies, and innovations. Budding engineers are introduced to the basic concepts of electronic circuitry and learn to build their own electric circuits.”




Crabtree Chrome

From Crabtree Publishing: “From Crabtree Publishing: “Get behind the wheel of some of the most exciting cars on the road today! Superstar Cars is a dynamic, high-interest series that provides an in-depth look at the history, design, and performance of some of the world’s most recognizable automobiles.”Crabtree Chrome is an innovative new series designed for reluctant, under-confident readers who read several levels below their actual grade. Created in collaboration with reading specialists, Crabtree Chrome recognizes the unique literacy needs of struggling middle school and early high school students. The series is designed to support these readers as they build the skills needed to evaluate, summarize, and communicate knowledge for different purposes. The titles include high-interest, timely topics with curriculum and core-subject applications.”




Superstar Cars

From Crabtree Publishing: “Get behind the wheel of some of the most exciting cars on the road today! Superstar Cars is a dynamic, high-interest series that provides an in-depth look at the history, design, and performance of some of the world’s most recognizable automobiles.”

From Amazon: “This engaging new title tells the story of Lamborghini - from the humble background of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini to the brand’s modern reputation as one of the most stylish supercars. This title includes information about racing history, prototypes, and technical specifications. Stunning full-colour photographs capture the essence of this coveted supercar.”




The Science of Nutrition

From Crabtree Publishing: “Minerals are essential to maintaining good health. They boost our immune systems, support normal growth and development, and help cells and organs function. This engaging title explores the roles of key minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. The book also explains where minerals come from, how our bodies process them, and the differences between macrominerals and trace minerals.”

(Rated 3 stars by Canadian Materials)



Earth's Secrets

Invisible Worlds

From Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books: “Our eyes help us look at the world, but there is still much that we cannot see. Some things are practically invisible because they are so small, but bigger things can be nearly invisible, too. The Invisible Worlds series explores the unseen “worlds” that exist around us. Ancient artifacts and buried bones are hidden underground, while invisible forces—such as earthquakes and winds—shape life on Earth. Some of these worlds are microscopic details inside atoms and molecules, plants, animals, and the human body. Each book in the series is vividly illustrated with photographs and micrographs. Difficult science concepts are explained using easy-to-understand text and helpful illustrations. The series offers plenty of information for reports, while giving readers a different view of the fascinating world around them.”




Mysteries Revealed

From Crabtree Publishing: Mysteries Revealed takes readers into a hidden world of knowledge. Find out the truth behind myths, misunderstandings, and many other puzzles from science, nature and history.

(Rated 4 stars by Canadian Materials magazine)



Extreme Nature

From Crabtree Publishing: Extreme Nature takes readers to the most fascinating places the world has to offer! Learn about the unique features of each extreme environment, including the plants, animals and people that live there.



Sports Science

From Crabtree Publishing: “Introduces the science behind popular sports, enables children to learn about science through something that genuinely interests them; magazine-style design and accessible text will engage reluctant readers.”



Science Solves It

From Crabtree Publishing: “Science Solves It encourages reluctant readers to develop literacy skills and fosters an interest in science by looking at popular and exciting applications of the subject, such as saving wild animals, forensic science, and sports technology. The books introduce very basic concepts and terms with full, clear, age-appropriate explanations, stimulating interest by relating key scientific principles and processes to the real world. Each book in Science Solves It opens up an exciting area of science, nature, and technology, and relates the key science to real life.”